Company restructure at WRW Construction Ltd sees Jon Williams take over the helm as Managing Director of the multi-million-pound construction business.

30 year old Jon, who has been Business Development Director at WRW since 2013, takes over the role from Company founder and father, Robert Williams MBE.

This announcement comes as the Company looks set to beat its £50 million turnover target for 2017, having already secured contracts worth in excess of £100 million.

With offices in Llanelli, Cardiff and Bristol, WRW Construction Ltd has already secured a varied portfolio of contracts which will ensure that its planned progression across Wales and the South West of England is well on track.

The restructure also saw Stuart Brown join the Board of Directors as the new Operations Director.

Robert and Debbie Williams are delighted to see this transition being made ahead of time and thank Directors and Staff for their tireless commitment and support over many years.

The business has made some huge leaps forward during its 31 year existence and this is truly a landmark moment in its future. It will ensure that WRW continue in their commitment to providing Clients with the very best possible service there is.

Both Jon and Stuart have demonstrated their commitment to the wellbeing of the business and will continue to make a significant and positive contribution to the business. Robert and Debbie fully support their appointments.

Whilst stepping down from the post of MD, Robert will continue to be closely involved with the business and he will take up the position of Chairman of the WRW Group Board.

Robert is proud to hand over the running of the business to Jon and is looking forward to supporting him and the rest of the Directors in the tremendous opportunities that have been secured.

Looking to the future, the company remains focused on building upon the strong foundation established over the past three decades.

WRW have always looked to improve as a business and have set ambitious, but achievable, business targets for the years ahead which, to date, have been reached ahead of schedule.

A varied portfolio of contracts across Wales and the South West of England has already been secured for the next 18 months and beyond, which will help ensure that growth is sustainable.

We respect our place in the wider supply chain and economy, we are very much enablers for other businesses and industries and we want to keep improving and continue to work collaboratively with others inside and outside of our sector to support skills development and growth within industry.

Although WRW are now a multi-million-pound Company, it is still very much a family business with big emphasis on teamwork and honesty.

We have talented staff and pride ourselves on providing them with a positive working environment, which in turn enables us to deliver a professional yet friendly service to their Clients, as well as giving back to the communities where we work.

These values will remain at the core of the company’s decision-making as we develop the business further in the future.

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