120 local children met scientists and learn about evolution with scientist, author and broadcaster Professor Alice Roberts to mark the launch of the University’s Milner Centre for Evolution.

The Centre is a unique research hub that bridges biology, health and education. Not only will it pioneer the latest evolution research, but it will also research the best methods to teach evolution and provide invaluable resources to schools to support their teaching of the subject.

Professor Alice Roberts is a member of the Centre’s Advisory Board and will be taking part in evolution activities alongside children from local primary schools including handling shark skulls to learn about how they smell and making frogspawn beads using jelly.

The Milner Centre for Evolution is named after University of Bath alumnus, Dr. Jonathan Milner, who provided founding capital to establish the Centre.

“Evolution explains how life on this planet has unfurled into all the wonderful diversity of species we see on the planet today. Genetics has joined traditional disciplines such as comparative anatomy, embryology and palaeontology to reveal more than ever about the way evolution works.

“I’m delighted to be involved in the new Milner Centre for Evolution.”

WRW Managing Director Jon Williams “To construct this building which will have a massive impact on society with such a legacy is humbling. The Milner Centre for Evolution brings together intellectual expertise in evolution research in this state-of-the-art research facility, helping the University to lead this field and as a company we are grateful and rightly proud of the part we played in its creation.”

The building, which is on the south side of the campus near the lake, includes offices, laboratories and a seminar room. There is also be an area for outreach activities.

Part of our Department of Biology & Biochemistry, the Centre is named after Bath alumnus, Dr. Jonathan Milner, who donated £5 million towards establishing the Centre.

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