WRW Matrix

Founded in 1985, the values and vision continue to reflect the company culture of WRW today. The company is family-run at its root, both immediate and the wider extended family of its employees – its people.

We focus on the needs of our clients and how we can make their visions a reality – no matter how big, small, simple, or complicated. We focus on the visual presentation and functionality so the people seeing, using, living, or working love the spaces we construct.

Our Culture

We are always looking for new, sustainable, and innovative ways to do what we do. We believe in an open, honest, and transparent working culture.

We encourage honest feedback and opinion amongst our staff which helps the company and our people to progress, adapt, grow and provide better outcomes.

As a company, we feel having a team of people with a broad range of industry experience, knowledge and ideas set us apart from the rest. From our in-house architects and design team to our pre-construction and construction experts, social value, and marketing teams.

We operate using high-tech internal collaborative forums promoting cross-department engagement and encouraging our one-company approach, utilising all key strengths and skills to ensure the best solutions and results are achieved.

We feel employee engagement and contribution is important, therefore we engage in forum sessions and surveys to allow our employees to have their say.

In our most recent employee engagement sessions to understand what our staff perceived as the most valued quality of working for WRW, we identified a theme:

Family – the wider business that becomes an extended family who works to achieve better results, support their colleagues, and hold a common vision.

It is our aim to continue to nurture this quality, to motivate our employees, and maintain an open and honest culture, creating a great place to work and achieve results for our clients.

Our Structure

As a company, we believe in progression and opportunity. We have a diverse and highly experienced key management team. Click on ‘Our Team‘ to find out more.

Our Team

Our Brand

‘A brand is a reflection of a company, its work, culture, values and people’

The WRW Strapline

Tying ‘Construction’ to ‘Visions’ – conjures up the role of WRW working with architects and designers in bringing their design creativity to life, and sharing in the design process with equal professionalism and expertise.

constructing visions

The WRW Matrix

A triangular matrix, reflecting structure, integration, modular, foundation and familiarity.

Matrix Values

Our Values

Judgment – Communication – Vision – Courage – Passion – Selflessness – Innovation – Inclusion – Integrity – Impact

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