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A multi-award winning national construction company with offices in Llanelli, Cardiff and Bristol, WRW has been at the forefront of the construction industry for over three decades.

WRW pioneers the latest ideas and innovations to grace the industry while maintaining the same fundamental value underlying the company since its inception – building on quality.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional quality remains unwavering as we deliver progressive and integrated solutions which represent the very best value for our clients.

Through meticulous project planning and expert collaboration we drive our projects from beginning to end, and beyond each project strive to leave a positive and lasting legacy in the communities that we work in.

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At WRW our determined aim is not just to deliver projects which comply with our customer’s requirements, but to continually and increasingly build on quality.

We aim to consistently improve our performance and embrace best practice by unswervingly monitoring our quality objectives.

Quality to us means:

– Exceeding our clients requirements
– Maintaining a safe working environment
– Sustaining company development
– Utilising the latest construction techniques and methodologies

Building on quality is at the very foundation of all we do.

[/x_tab][x_tab active=”false” class=”c3″]Our philosophy is simple. In order to build on quality across the business, we must respect and invest in our most important tool for growth – our people.

We highly value our employees’ skills, diversity and commitment, and, in recognition of the essential contribution they make, we ensure that they are appropriately trained and supported in their roles.

We hold and value the Investors in People accreditation as testament to our commitment to provide training both to enable effective performance and to inspire career progression.

Beyond our staff we are committed to building trusting relationships with our clients, suppliers, and developers from the ground upwards in order to inspire confidence, ensure success, and create relationships that will last far beyond the end of a project.

Essentially we are a business committed to leaving a positive and lasting legacy that not only resonates through our staff, clients, and the communities that we work in, but the surrounding areas and numerous causes across Wales too.
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Robert Williams MBE

Robert Williams MBE

Group Chairman

Founder of WRW as it is known today, Robert is responsible for the overall control and direction of WRW the group.

A former college lecturer in Construction Methodology, Robert plays a pivotal role in community projects throughout Wales, and sits on numerous CITB and government related forums and boards.

In June 2013, Robert was honoured with an MBE for promoting construction training in Wales in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Robert is a highly experienced construction professional, with a proven track record of delivering high level award winning construction projects over the period of three decades.

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Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams

Group Director

A founding member of WRW with 38 years’ experience in business which began with one of the largest accountancy and auditing practices in Wales, Ashmole & Co.

6 years in a thriving busy office gave her a strong foundation in the art of accountancy and people management.

Subsequently taking the opportunity to join the growing Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society, working at the coal face, helped hone her communication skills.

When Robert Williams Painting was born she oversaw all areas of finance and administration including payroll, accounts payable and receivables, job costing, cash management, general ledger, inventory, banking, and reconciliations.

As the company grew she initiated and helped develop company policies and procedures as well being the focal point for human resources management, liaising with contractors and clients.

Debbie an inspiration and proud mother of 3 still plays a significant role in the Finance Department coupled with undertaking special projects on behalf of WRW Group.

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Jon Williams

Jon Williams

Managing Director

Leading on business strategy formation and implementation, Jon plays a key role in the overall development and growth of WRW Construction.

Jon is also responsible for overall management, development and maintenance of WRW’s Integrated Management System which includes the development of operational tools and systems for all business activities to improve WRW’s delivery methods.

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Alun Jones

Alun Jones

Commercial Director

Having been a key figure within WRW for over a decade, Alun leads on all commercial aspects of the business and controls the commercial operations of the Company.

As a fully-qualified quantity surveyor, Alun has a strong background, and over 25 years of experience, delivering the commercial elements of projects over a multitude of different contracts.

His industry knowledge coupled with his Post Graduate diploma in Construction Law and Arbitration ensures that he is well equipped to drive the commercial and programme related elements of the company’s construction activities.

Alun also spearheads the development of the strategic growth and diversification of the company’s activities.

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Heather Davies

Heather Davies

Human Resources Director

Heather manages all company Training & Human Resources activities as well as the implementation and management of development initiatives.

With a background in the NHS, Heather brings excellent interpersonal skills to the company, helping to maintain positive relations with the general public, clients, and anyone affected by the company’s activities.

Regularly liasing with training providers, Heather has ensured the successful development of several apprentices and trainees.

Heather has been instrumental in the implementation of the Company’s Business Plan which ensures all of our staff is continually developing alongside our company objectives.

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Andrew Pettigrew

Andrew Pettigrew

Technical Director

As WRW’s Technical Director, Andrew leads on design, cost planning, project negotiation, competitive tendering and estimating activities.

Andrew is well versed in design management and has extensive experience of using all major procurement routes from within the PFI, PPP, NEC 3 and JCT family of contracts.

Prior to joining WRW he held the position of Technical Services Director at a Multinational Contractor where he was responsible for pre-construction activities for Wales and South West region.

Andrew is an advocate of collaborative methods to achieve project outcomes and plays a fundamental role in articulating our company values from the outset of a project.

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Alex Jenkins

Alex Jenkins

Finance Director

Alex leads on WRW’s management and strategy formation for its accounting and finance functions.

He is a Chartered Accountant with over fifteen years’ industry experience since graduating with 1st in Mathematics from Bristol university. He has previously worked for the likes of Arthur Andersen, Kraft Foods, Allied Domeq and Dunbia Wales in roles ranging from Audit to Financial Controller.

Due to the breadth of his experience, Alex has a deep understanding of accounting and finance covering: audit, reporting, planning, analysis and management.

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Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Operations Director

As Operations Director Stuart works closely with Alun Jones and Jon Williams to guide our operational teams through the construction process, maintaining a consistent point of contact throughout for our client stakeholders.

Stuart transitions projects from our pre construction to post construction departments to ensure familiarity and continuity in our approach.

Stuart has worked up through various operational positions including Site Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Project Manager and Construction Manager before attaining his current status as Operations Director.

He has worked on several complex projects which incorporate Lean Construction methodologies where he was instrumental in the coordination, planning and delivery of all activities.

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Rupert Moon

Rupert Moon

CSR & Marketing Director

Winning 24 caps for Wales at scrum-half, his rugby career successfully spanned 17 years. Most famously, Rupert captained the iconic West Wales team Llanelli Scarlets during their unprecedented triple success season where they won the League and Cup and beat then Rugby World Cup Champions Australia.

Rupert continues to build on 20 years of unrivalled commercial and customer service experience.

With great success Rupert has headed up and driven major commercial strategies for the Welsh Rugby Union (WRU) and Millennium Stadium; led on a rebrand as Marketing Director for Wales’ largest insurance brokers; been Commercial Director for the Scarlets following their transition to the new Parc y Scarlets Stadium; and set up a new regional rugby team in North Wales, where he oversaw the staffing, operational and strategic management of joint WRU and Conwy Council initiatives.

Skilled in innovation, change management, community engagement, marketing strategy and creative thinking, Rupert works with individuals, businesses and organisations across industry, commercial, media, public and charity sectors.

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