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Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas

Site Engineer

This is my second term with WRW after a three year gap working on large scale civil engineering projects.

When the opportunity arose for me to return it was one which I was excited to pursue. The company had invested heavily in equipment and other technology to aid our work in those intervening years but kept what made it such a friendly place to work.

Everyone at the company has been supportive of my long term aspirations for development and project variety.

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Alex Evans

Alex Evans

Quantity Surveyor

I began working at WRW as an Assistant Estimator under their Graduate Programme where they sponsored me to complete a BSc in Quantity Surveying. Having graduated from the University of South Wales with a First Class degree, I decided to take a gap-year to do some travelling.

WRW welcomed me back in 2016 to take up a new role as Assistant Quantity Surveyor working on a Primary School extension project.

The company have given me the opportunity to progress my career to Quantity Surveyor, supporting and trusting me to take on prestigious projects such as a 135-bed Student Accommodation project in the centre of Cardiff and a £12m restoration and development project in Bristol.

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Sarah Lloyd

Sarah Lloyd

BIM and Design Graduate

As part of WRW’s Graduate Programme I am currently completing a Masters Degree in BIM in Design Construction & Operations at The University of the West of England in Bristol.

Balancing work and study can be a challenge but the support from WRW makes it an enjoyable challenge which will benefit my career.

I am encouraged to bring new ideas to improve the business and I hope to continue bringing my knowledge and skills learnt from the MSc in to our live tenders and projects.

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Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts

Site Manager

Since joining WRW as a qualified painter and decorator in 1989, I was developed into a Chargehand which involved looking after the painting contracts on various projects from a wide sector of social housing, care homes, hospitals and private properties, this experience was a huge value to myself working for various clients over many years.

As WRW grew and progressed the company encouraged me to take the opportunity to develop within the company from my role as Chargehand to Foreman and now as a Site Manager, managing prestigious projects of a substantial value.

Like many other employees within the company, during the many years that I have been employed with WRW, I have always been given the opportunity to develop through structured training qualifications which has furthered my development within the industry.

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