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The project comprises the design and construction of 68 contemporary dwellings in a mixture of house types and flats. 23 units will be affordable and 45 units will be available for market sale.

The site is situated within a small, but distinctive valley in the town of Bruton in Somerset. Bruton has several distinctive characteristics influenced by its historical development and relationship with the surrounding Somerset countryside.

The development Vision is to design a place that fully integrates into the life of Bruton and harmonises with the best characteristics of the town, local geology, and landscape. The aim is to develop a range of unique homes for the local community that enhances the quality of the way people want to live today. The integrated architectural and landscape approach is derived from a contemporary interpretation of the context that will provide an exemplar site for South Somerset for quality design, sustainability, and innovative public realm that belongs to Bruton.

A network of public spaces will provide connectivity and circulation through the new development. Green roofs will integrate the built form into the landscape and offer numerous environmental benefits.

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